Employment Skills LearnedAfter satisfying all required live audio courses at the end of the 20 week program, the student will be qualified to start as a “A1″ or head engineer at a small to medium size club, church or with a new national touring artist, or as an “A2″ or assistant engineer at any major sound company, AV company, large theater, large club or with a headline national touring artist.As a integral part of the 20 week course each student will earn there Avid pro users certificate

Job Placement
While no job guarantees can be made or implied, Master Mix Live™ will use all of it’s resources to place it’s graduating students in career building job situations.Depending on the students choice of living location after he or she has graduated, MML™ is aligned with small to large sound companies, AV companies, live venues, theaters, houses of worship and recording studios around the united states and abroad for possible job placement Opportunities

Salary Expectations
An entry level engineer with steady employment at any of the above listed jobs should expect to achieve an annual salary of between 20K to 50K for the first five years of employment. After ten to fifteen years of being in the business he or she should be at the 75K to 100K salary mark.

Employment Recommendations
Master Mix Live™ will automatically write recommendations for all of it’s students upon satisfactory completion of all courses. Personalized written recommendations will be done on a case by case basis.