Master Mix Live™ | Audio Internship Program

The Master Mix Live™ Internship program allows the student to apply their learned skills and also to benefit in participating in real-world (((Live))) work situations in Las Vegas show rooms or at Las Vegas Sound Companies. Assignments are arranged for students to assist at the showrooms, and, or, at live sound company events. During the Students Intern Lab each of the 4 to 6 hour sessions are documented by the showroom or sound companies supervisor's signature on the students Intern Lab hours card.
During the Master Mix Live 240 hour, 20-week audio engineering course each student will have access to learn, practice and, mix sound using actual live show multitrack recordings of some of today's top artists. Additionally, students will gain practical instruction at off campus recording artist rehearsals, sound checks and concerts.
Upon satisfactory completion of our 20-week, live audio engineering program each student will receive:
* A Master Mix Live Certificate of Completion.
* A Master Mix Live letter of recommendation.
* A Master Mix Live letter of intern hours completed.