Master Mix Live™ is Las Vegas’s newest premier recording and sound stage facility catering to professional touring and recording artist as well as up and coming acts!

AUDIO ENGINEERING + Mixing Education

Master Mix Live offers students a very unique semi-private engineering education to acquire skillful use of today’s audio gear, plus, confident hands-on console mastery to qualify as an A1, or, A2, proficient Live Audio Engineer in 20 weeks. Read More »


Master Mix (((recording))) is located just a few minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Our facilities are in a very private and comfortable setting where any professional act will feel at home. Private parking and private entrance available.. Read More »


Master Mix (((Live))) sound stages provide a private and comfortable setting, with private parking and entrance available. Located just minutes from the famed Las Vegas strip, the large sound stage is equipped with the very latest state-of-the-art…Read More »


Rick Camp/ Avalon Rick Camp- Avalon mic pre amps

Rick Camp uses Avalon mic pre amps on tour & in the studio!

Rick Camp Tours with Avalon mic pre amps Rick has been a touring and studio engineer ... Read More »

Rick Camp/ Earthworks microphones on tour with J-Lo

Rick Camp/ Earthworks microphones on tour with J-Lo

J-Lo tours with Earthworks/Sony wireless mic system! 30 year veteran FOH engineer Ric... Read More »

Rick Camp - On the Road with JLo

On the Road with JLo

Production Profile // Jan 2013 // Front Of House Magazine Engineer Rick Camp is a man... Read More »

JLo’s Poland Debut
JLo 2012 Tour Poland

JLo’s Poland Debut

Powersoft hits Poland high note for JLo’s Poland debut. Her first ever concert in Pol... Read More »

Audio Mixing Boards Master Mix Live

Audio Mixing Boards

After setting up all the sound equipment and plugging in the musicians, mixing comes ... Read More »

Beata Mablad with BM Audio in Dubai

Beata Mablad with BM Audio

Master Mix ((( Live ))) Instructor collaborating with proficient LIVE SOUND COMPANY&#... Read More »