MML Online Course Outline

Master Mix live has designed an online audio curriculum for the entry level student to gain maximum understanding of the ((Live)) audio genre, The student will learn and master the skills via chapter reading and video instruction followed by a chapter quiz that is automatically graded and return emailed back to the student.

Each student will have online video chat access with the instructor

Each student will earn a certificate at their on pace

Wk. 1 - "Live Touring Terminologies"

• All related and relative terms to audio & touring

• All related and relevant audio & touring product brand names[/li]

Wk. 2 - "Live Sound System Flow Charts"

• Equipment relationships to one another

• Signal flow

• Sound system configurations

• Trouble shooting

Wk. 3 - "Live Console Signal Flow and Routing"

• Mic Pre Amps/ Phantom power/ Phase reverse switches

• Parametric equalizers & Hi/Low pass filters

• Aux. effects sends or Monitor mix sends

• Console insert points/ Patching in outboard gear

• Automation and snapshots

• VCA/DCA and analog Sub Groups

Wk. 4 - "Digital -vs- Analog Console Techniques"

• Digital console operating procedures

• Analog console operating procedures

Wk. 5 - "Digital Mixing Console Set Up and Over View"

• Setting up and connecting the console

• Gain structure

• How to set input levels

• How to check output levels

• Digital distortion and audio clipping