Dubi Stage Being Built

MASTER MIX ((( LIVE ))) FOH-Live Audio Engineer + Mixer/Instructor notes DUBAI STAGE IS BEING BUILT NOW

  • Show date: NOVEMBER 22, 2012, THURSDAY, stage is being built in Dubai Media City, at the Dubai AmphiTheatre for ~ JLO to perform “Let’s Dance Again” Show in this beautiful and exciting outdoor venue ~ with MASTER MIX LIVE Instructor as show FOH!!
  • Media City Dubai Amphitheatre is located in the heart of Dubai Media City (DMC).
  • DMC Amphitheatre, with its prestigious location and capacity to accommodate up to 15,000 people, has hosted a number of high profile local and international events including concerts, festivals and award ceremonies.
  • Some of the famous events hosted by DMC Amphitheatre include: Dubai International Film Festival, Taste of Dubai and Dubai Jazz Festival.